Friday, 5 December 2014

Appendix 2 - Yet more from Reykjavik

As I was looking through the Reykjavik pictures I found a few that I had overlooked because in their raw form they looked very dark and lacking interest.  However when I processed them I discovered that they weren't that bad after all.  The first five were ones taken out of the windows in the tower of the Hallgrimskirkja Church. This first one is looking inland a bit with the mountains in distance.

The second photo is towards the harbour.

This shot is straight across bay.  If you look closely the Sun Voyager statue is below the crane in the centre of the photo.

In this next shot the sun was lighting up the mountain below the clouds and creating golden reflections across the water in the bay.

Looking across to the South we can see the Pearl in the centre of the photo.

This final shot was taken from down near the waterfront and shows the amazing low clouds bubbling over the mountains across the bay.

More soon, probably starting with Geysir.

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