Sunday, 7 December 2014

Appendix 3 - Geysir

When you enter the Geysir area there is the small signs warning of the danger of hot water in the pools which are up to 100 degrees centigrade.  Then there is the big sign which was in the original post for day 2 with Ginny looking very worried about the message.

In the first picture you can see in the distance what looks like a small hut with steam shooting out of the top and front so here's a closer picture of it.  I assume this is where the locals are collecting some of the heat to keep their building warm.  It was something that we noticed very quickly that all of the buildings in Iceland seem to be very warm inside.

Here's a little pool or water which is bubbling away merrily.

This is the pool which is next to the blue pool from the original post.  It's quite shallow at the edges but appears to have a large hole going down in the centre.  There have been lots of coins thrown into this pool even though the signs around here request that people don't throw coins into them.

We climbed up to a viewpoint above the site where we could look down onto the site and the landscape beyond.  It doesn't look it in the photograph but it was quite a steep climb up to here.

At the viewpoint was this post which was covered in fresh snow when we first arrived.  Ginny and I cleared off the snow to reveal lines pointing to the individual geysers and other landmarks and towns on the island including Gulfoss which is nearby.

On the way back down the hill I took this photo with the two people half way down and looking toward the geyser which had just erupted.

The geyser which is currently erupting is actually called Strokkur and the original geyser is no longer erupting.  Here is a photo of the original which is now just a pool of hot water but which had been much bigger than the current one.

In the next post I'll include some more photos from Gulfoss.

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