Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Appendix 4 - Gulfoss

I took a lot of photographs at Gulfoss so it's taken a while to reduce the number for the post down to six examples.  I've tried to use different ones to the original post but I have reprocessed all the pictures so even where I have duplicated the choice they should look a bit different.  This first photo was taken from high above and is of the top falls then looking up river across the countryside.

Again from high up here are both parts of the falls and into the distance.

Taken from a little further right and using a wider angle you may be able to make out the path down to the falls on the left side and also a couple of people at the top viewing area also on the left.

The path had been closed for safety reasons but everyone was ignoring that and going down the path anyway. It was a bit slippy but easily navigable. This shot was taken from the path and looking down into the canyon below the lower falls.

This next shot is a close up from the top falls where there is a small pool below a minor part of the falls.

Below the pool from the previous picture there is this area of rapids before the water makes the first big drop of the falls.

 There is a viewing platform above the path down to the falls where I took the wide shot of the top falls and most of the bottom falls. Looking down at the people below gives a better idea about the size of the falls. It's very impressive and very loud.  

It's a pity it was so overcast and dull wile we were there but we had a great time there anyway.

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